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Written by Marty   
Monday, 30 July 2012 15:06

Well, I am glad to be back in the workshop again.  I am very pleased about how the new A-models came out.

I feel it is a good way to get an affordable master craft instrument into an aspiring musicians hand.  I am continuing to put together the A model mandolin I have been working on for a special musician.  I am cutting the side down to a good height that will have good air volume with the inside.

I like to carve the top and back by hand so that I can feel what the wood wants to do.  The arching height may be different depending on the piece of wood.  Each piece has its own personality.  Saying all that, I make my sides at different heights within the range of a few millimeters.  Because the tops and backs may have a different height, when all is assembled, the volume inside should resonate a D. The  f hole size makes a difference too.

The tone bars are now shaped and the plates are tuned.  I have also been finishing up some detail work on the F5.

I will probabally put the final coat of varnish on today...busy....busy....busy.  I am very happy with the color!

I thought I'd post these pics my son took the other day of a red-tailed hawk just outside of the workshop.  It moved from tree to tree.. fun to watch.

Take Care,



Back from Grey Fox PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty   
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 07:57

Hello! Back from Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival...  It was quite something how many great musicians stopped by my booth.  We had many jam sessions that would happen sporadically as people would try out my instruments around the booth.

I feel my instruments were well received with much positive feedback.  I enjoy getting out there and meeting and talking with the people at these festivals.  Of course, there were also plenty of great bluegrass bands to see and hear as well.  I really enjoyed seeing Blue Highway...

I feel these guys are one of the strongest bluegrass groups in the business.  They are excellent song writers and musicians as well as having great vocals.  I enjoyed their presence at the festival.

My sons were able to meet some of the musicians who played.  Here they are meeting Chris Thile and Michael Daves...

I think that is one of the neatest things about bluegrass festivals, is that the musicians are so approachable and willing to interact with the people that enjoy their music.

I think fun was had by all, and now I look forward to hearing back from the many contacts I made while I was there.

Take Care until next time,



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Off to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 07:09

Off to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival!  Look forward to visiting and picking with you all!  Here are pictures of the finished A-Style Macica base models...  Enjoy!


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